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Every letter counts. Let yours tell their story.

Whether you’re ready to get your story to the world and just looking for the perfect avenue, or still gearing into the beginnings of your work and would need quality guidance and support, Lettra Press can help you turn every letter into masterpieces generations will remember.


Seamless publishing services for both colored and black and white.


A wide variety of visible marketing solutions, essential to your book’s success.


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I received 3 calls from publishers regarding republishing The Relentless Jew. I declined all three because they offered nothing new or promising. Actually I turned down the first call from Lettra Press. The reason for that my past history with publishers was disappointing and actually frightening. It was the second call from Lettra Press that I stopped and listened. It made sense to me and gave me hope that ‘here indeed is a company I can work with. I am happy to report I was not wrong and better yet they have been so right.
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